A New Season Blooms

Hey there! Welcome to Spring 2014! I am SO ready for more sunshine!


How did you do with your “technique” photos the past few days?! I know I definitely learned something about myself and my photography. I want to rant about what I learned for just a second…

Apparently, I’m great at taking pictures from low angles, and at eye level. But the prompt for yesterday, “From a high angle”…. yikes. I found myself walking around searching for something to capture from below, while I stood on a chair or something. I was at a loss and stumped. I had a really hard time with it, so I went back to check out my archives and look at all the photos I’ve taken so far… what I found was pretty interesting. I’m great at getting down on the ground… or down to a child’s level, when snapping their portraits. But I rarely shoot from a higher angle! This is something I definitely plan to work on, because different angles are so important and can make such a difference in a photograph. See! This photo challenge is good practice AND can teach us a thing or two! It pushed my creativity and forced me to see where I’m falling short. So now I can get out there an practice on shooting from higher angles!

Ok, my little revelation is over now… onto the photos…

First up: “From a Low Angle”… There is moss and grass starting to grow by our front yard tree, and I decided to get down low and capture it:



Next was the hard one for me, “From a High Angle”… Because I stumped myself here, I decided to use a recycled photo, from a photo shoot I did with a great friend of mine and her baby love:




Aaaand last but not least, today’s theme was “Depth of Field”… for this photo, my friends, just scroll right back up to the top! The very first picture of the budding flowers was captured in my front yard this evening, and the depth of field turned out perfect for today’s theme!

There you have it! Different techniques and different angles will always create different feeling in a photo. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them! I definitely have some high angle practice in my future! What about you? Did you have trouble with any of these prompts? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Happy Friday Eve! 








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