March Photo Challenge Continues…

Happy Friday everyone! 

Is it just me, or do Fridays always feel like a breath of fresh air? Like you’ve been holding your breath since Monday morning, and now you can let it out. I’m being dramatic, I know, but this week was just one of those crazy ones! Since I’m such a slacker and haven’t posted my photos for the last few days, let me catch up…

March 11th was “Book”…



March 12th was “music”… Please don’t judge my busted iPhone 😒


Mach 13th was “night”…



And today’s prompt was “your shoes”… I grabbed a quick snap of my shoes while darting out the door back to work…



I’ll work on being less of a slacker and posting every day. The day job keeps me crazy busy. I dream of the day when I can blog and snap pictures for a living… maybe one day! 😀

How are your photos coming along this month? Let’s see them! Just hashtag #Lmphoto365 wherever you post and have fun with it!




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