Self Portrait & Sun Flare

Whew! I don’t know about you, but I am glad Monday is over! I spoil myself for 2 whole days every weekend by sleeping in, and relaxing. Then Monday morning comes, and it’s always rough. At least the sun is up later now! More vitamin D = happiness.

Now for the photos… yesterday’s prompt was “self portrait”. Since I didn’t have makeup on yesterday, I just snapped a quick selfie with my bff camera. Yes, I care about my appearance… don’t judge. 😉


Aaaand then today, our prompt was “sun flare”. This one is fun. A few quick tips for capturing this effect: Use a larger aperture (smaller F stop number) or just a tad bit longer shutter speed. Sun flare is caused by light entering your lens, and scattering before it reaches the camera’s sensor. If the scenery is right, it can be an awesome creative effect. If you want more of a “star burst” effect, choose a smaller aperture (higher F stop number). Just some quick tips I’ve picked up along the way!

My hubby let me snap his picture for the sake of our lens flare theme today…



And that’s all for today folks! Tomorrow’s prompt is “Book”. How creative can we get with it?! Don’t forget to hashtag #Lmphoto365 when sharing your photos! It’s The Bachelor finale tonight, and I’m stoked to see what happens! 😀

Xoxoxo, Laura


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