Happy March!


Welcome, March! I’m excited to be closer to spring! I’m also pretty stoked over my new photo challenge! The theme for today is “Good morning”… Here is my photo for day 1…


Aaaah, Saturday morning. Sleeping in (if 8:30 am can be considered that), waking up to the smell of my coffee brewing, and grabbing my camera for a few fun shots of my favorite morning ritual. Well… I don’t play with coffee beans and shape them into hearts EVERY day… but you get my point. This shot is my idea of a good morning. What about you? What will your photo of a good morning look like? Feel free to share them on my Facebook page, Instagram, the comments below, or wherever your heart desires! Just hashtag #Lmphoto365

My March daily photo challenge is off and running! If you need a reminder of the daily prompts, check out this post from yesterday. Tomorrow’s theme is “simplicity”… what will your photo be?

Let’s welcome March with some love, laughter, and photos! 😀

Xoxoxo, Laura


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