March Madness Photo Challenge

I hope everyone made the most of February and enjoyed it to the fullest! Tomorrow is March 1st and it’s time for a new photo challenge!

I’m so excited to kick off this month’s photo challenge. First, because black & white was getting hard. Second, because this challenge is open to everyone, and anyone can participate. It’s a great way to practice, have some fun and get creative with our photography.

Ok, here’s the rules:

  • The numbered item/theme correlates with the date. (Example: Number 1 is for March 1st and the theme is Good morning”. Take a photo of what a good morning looks like to you.)
  • Get creative, think outside the box and have fun with it!
  • You can post to any social media, my Facebook page, Instagram or Pinterest. Just be sure to hashtag #Lmphoto365

Drum roll, please….



March Madness photography challenge starts tomorrow! Don’t forget to hashtag your photos #Lmphoto365 and feel free to leave any comments or questions you have!

Let’s snap some gorgeous, memorable photos this month! 😀


One thought on “March Madness Photo Challenge

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