Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖

As fate would have it, my hubby and I met on this holiday. We had no idea it meant anything back then, but since that day, my life has changed forever. That was 9 years ago and the past 9 years of my life have been such an extreme adventure. We have been through the darkest days you can imagine, and made it back. Dark days, obstacles and trials teach you who you are, what your love is capable of, and what it can overcome. Because of all we’ve been through, I know how strong our love is. And I know we are the lucky ones. True love is so hard to find, and I am the luckiest girl in the world for finding it. If you find it… you’ll know it. And if you find it, my best advice to you is… don’t ever stop fighting for it. Don’t ever give up on it. If it’s real, it’s worth fighting for.

As promised, today’s photos of the day are red! The only color photos this month…



My gifts from my one and only 😍

P.s.~ I know this post is totally sappy and I’m a sucker for romance, but I also want to point this out: Valentine’s Day isn’t just about being “attached”. It’s about love, in general. I hate that we’ve made this holiday into something that makes single people cringe. Love is love, people! No matter where it comes from… family, friends, your dog… that love is special. And it’s worth celebrating today and every day.

I’ll cheers to that!


Xoxoxo, Laura 


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