March Madness Photo Challenge

I hope everyone made the most of February and enjoyed it to the fullest! Tomorrow is March 1st and it’s time for a new photo challenge!

I’m so excited to kick off this month’s photo challenge. First, because black & white was getting hard. Second, because this challenge is open to everyone, and anyone can participate. It’s a great way to practice, have some fun and get creative with our photography.

Ok, here’s the rules:

  • The numbered item/theme correlates with the date. (Example: Number 1 is for March 1st and the theme is Good morning”. Take a photo of what a good morning looks like to you.)
  • Get creative, think outside the box and have fun with it!
  • You can post to any social media, my Facebook page, Instagram or Pinterest. Just be sure to hashtag #Lmphoto365

Drum roll, please….



March Madness photography challenge starts tomorrow! Don’t forget to hashtag your photos #Lmphoto365 and feel free to leave any comments or questions you have!

Let’s snap some gorgeous, memorable photos this month! 😀


The Home Stretch

Hey there! 

I apologize for being MIA the past few days. We travelled up to DC over the weekend, so my schedule got pretty crazy. The good news is… I brought my BFF camera along and snapped a bazillion pictures. My 365 project is still going strong! 🙂

This is the last week of February, which means the last week of black & white photos! The home stretch. I won’t lie, I’m excited it’s almost over. I love black & whites, but it’s been difficult for me to find subjects for it. But what’s the point of this project? Practice, learning and more practice! So it’s been good to push my creativity. But I have a fun theme lined up for March, and I’m excited to get started!

For now… here are my photos from the past few days:




What do you think? Any black & white photos you’d like to see in these last few days? Just comment and let me know!


Xoxoxo, Laura


I won!

Last week, Pretty and Clever had a giveaway contest and I actually won! Of course, I was all giddy and overly excited, because I never win anything. 😀

I always give credit where it’s due and this chick deserves some credit! She’s an awesome makeup artist and stylist in my local area, and she makes people look amazing for photo sessions, events, weddings, all of it. On top of that, she also has her own blog over at Go check her out!

I proudly snapped a picture of my gift for today’s photo:



Such awesome goodies! Thanks again, Jacqueline! 😀


Xoxoxo, Laura

Top Ten Photography Links

Hey there, happy Wednesday!

Today I bring you a pretty exciting list of photography links. I have scoured the web and narrowed it down to my top ten. Whether you’re a newbie (like me) or a pro… this list has it all. Blogs, tutorials, advice, and all things photography. Enjoy!

1.    -This link comes from one of my favorite photography sites. Digital Photography School is amazing. They have more tutorials, guides and tips than you’ll know what to do with.

2.    -This site is another one that has a wealth of tips and guidelines. This link starts with the photo basics, for beginner photographers and offers lots of topics to get you started.

3.  -Mom/Blogger/Photographer, she does it all! Once you check out her blog, you’ll be hooked. Plus, her blog name is super similar to mine! But better. Haha

4.   -This page is full of useful tutorials and inspiration

5.    -I’m a huge fan of Bucket Lists, I add to mine all the time. Now I can have TWO bucket lists! A list of places to photograph before you die! Warning: This link will make you want to quit your job and travel the world.

6.   -Education, information and inspiration. Even a free Lightroom preset download? Yes please!

7.   -This amazing blogger has it all! This link is for her list of “What to Wear in Family Photos” but you’ll get hooked and want to stay a while. I think this link is a great tool to have. Clients might not always know what to wear, and it’s a great idea to give them some guidance. This link will help.

8.  -This site is the first one I stumbled on after getting my Canon. I was immediately hooked. Not only do they know their stuff, but they know how to teach and explain it as well. This will be one you want to bookmark!

9.  -Holy inspiration! A few minutes on this site, and I was itching to get behind my lens. 

10.   -One of the best chronological “getting started” guides I have found. They literally walk you through everything you’ll want to know when starting out.

So there you have it! My top ten favorite links (for now)!

And of course, my photo(s) of the day:


I purchased these macro filters a few weeks ago, and thought I’d play with them today. Of course, if you’re serious about macro, a good macro lens is the way to go. But for fun, these filters are awesome 😀

Feel free to leave your feedback about the links and any good tips you find from them! Enjoy!


Xoxoxo, Laura



Orange is the new black & white…

Ok guys… the bad news is:

I’m struggling to find my creativity this month. It’s hard to find pictures every single day that will look good in black and white. This month’s theme is a hard one! But we only have 10 more days, and I refuse to give up, so just bear with me! Yes, I’m posting pictures of oranges in black & white… but hey- learning is a journey! 😛


Now the good news!  I have come up with a photo theme for March… and I’m super excited about it. I won’t reveal it just yet, but as we get closer to March, I will be posting about it. It’s a theme that everyone can join in on, so stay tuned! 

Tomorrow’s post will be a Top 10 Links list of all the best photography related links out there. So if you have a favorite photography blog, website, or resource… tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll check it out and possibly add it to the list!

Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖

As fate would have it, my hubby and I met on this holiday. We had no idea it meant anything back then, but since that day, my life has changed forever. That was 9 years ago and the past 9 years of my life have been such an extreme adventure. We have been through the darkest days you can imagine, and made it back. Dark days, obstacles and trials teach you who you are, what your love is capable of, and what it can overcome. Because of all we’ve been through, I know how strong our love is. And I know we are the lucky ones. True love is so hard to find, and I am the luckiest girl in the world for finding it. If you find it… you’ll know it. And if you find it, my best advice to you is… don’t ever stop fighting for it. Don’t ever give up on it. If it’s real, it’s worth fighting for.

As promised, today’s photos of the day are red! The only color photos this month…



My gifts from my one and only 😍

P.s.~ I know this post is totally sappy and I’m a sucker for romance, but I also want to point this out: Valentine’s Day isn’t just about being “attached”. It’s about love, in general. I hate that we’ve made this holiday into something that makes single people cringe. Love is love, people! No matter where it comes from… family, friends, your dog… that love is special. And it’s worth celebrating today and every day.

I’ll cheers to that!


Xoxoxo, Laura 

Can’t Get Enough…

Of my favorite candle on earth! 

I know, I know…. candles shmandles… but seriously, this candle is UH-mazing…

First… it’s soy. Soy candles burn cleaner, and are non-toxic. I’m all about healthier, cleaner living, so… CHECK!

Second… the smell… I imagine this is what Heaven smells like, 24/7. It’s so yummy… CHECK!

If there’s one thing you should know by now from reading my blog, it’s that I’m obsessed with the little things in life. Candles being one of them. And this one tops my list. If you’re like me at all, and love yummy smelling candles… do yourself a favor and go get this one. I can’t seem to find a link for this specific brand, but Target makes an exact replica that smells just as good. You can find it here:

And my photo:




Xoxoxo, Laura