Small Wonders

I’m always ranting about how much I hate the snow, and anything to do with the cold. All of that still stands… but on the way home from work today, there were huge, fluffy snowflakes falling. I have to admit, I gave in a little. It made me “ooo” and “aahhh” just a bit, and as the snow still falls outside, I’m looking out at it falling in the light of the street lamp.

Listen to me! For a beach loving, sunshine drinking soul, I totally sound like a snow lover! It’s true… snow can be gorgeous. But why does it have to be so damn cold?! As beautiful as it can be… I will still take the beach any day. But you can’t be happy in life hating your surroundings and longing for sunnier days. You have to live in the moment, and make the most of it. So I put on my big girl pants (and hat, gloves, scarf and coat) and I ventured out into the falling snow to play with my camera. This is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event, people… so I hope you enjoy! 



Don’t forget… It’s never too late to start your own 365 day photo project! #LMPHOTO365




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