Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Life can get pretty crazy. It’s easy to drown in the stresses of it, sometimes. I often have to remind myself to take a deep breath, forget about the to-do lists, the worrying, the analyzing… and just smile. When you’re running around, trying to keep up with everything, you can easily miss the small things. Photography is my way of slowing down, looking at the small things around me, capturing them and sharing them with the world. I hope that in sharing them, I can inspire someone else to just slow down, look around them, and learn to appreciate little, every-day things that we overlook too often. I was walking on the beach the other day, and came across this drawing in the sand…



A simple, small thing that most people would just walk past, without a thought. But when you take the time to appreciate it, it can turn your day around. It can be a piece of hope, that there’s someone out there in the world saying, “hey- smile! It will all be ok”

And that’s exactly what I did. I smiled. Because life is too short, and we should soak up every beautiful moment of it… big and small. 😉


Any little things that have made you smile lately? I’d love to see or hear about them! Share them in the comments 🙂


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