My favorite website lately…

First, I want to start by giving a shout out to an awesome website… 

Whether you’re a newbie photographer, like myself, or a seasoned professional, I have found this site to be extremely useful…

They have everything from the basic tutorials on exposure, aperture and ISO, to post production tips. I have learned a thing or two, and found some great tips, so I wanted to share the wealth! Check them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed if photography is your thing.

Now moving on to my photo of the day…



While searching for inspiration for a photo today, I realized that sometimes this project will not be easy. 365 days of photos? It’s definitely going to take some creativity from me… so why am I doing it? Well, that’s exactly why… It will push me to use my creativity. And practice makes perfect. I want to grow in my photography, so what better way to do it than picking up my camera every single day?

As you can see from the pictures so far, there will be no limits. Colorful straws, clouds, tea pots… I will be capturing whatever I find interesting that day. Maybe I can have a specific theme for February… what do you think? 

Welp, that’s all for tonight, folks! I am having an internal struggle right now… gym or wine? It is Hump Day, after all… 

Leave a comment with any theme ideas you can think of for February! And if you want to join me in this photo adventure, just tag #LMPHOTO365 wherever you post. You can start anytime, there’s no rules to this thing! 😉




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