New Year, New Blog

Photograph more. Create more. Learn more.

Relax more. Be more patient.

My New Year’s Resolutions.

In honor of these goals, I have decided to create this blog. A space where I can share my creativity and passion. With that said… I’ll get right to the point. The biggest reason for creating this blog…

My 365 Day Photo Project

Photography is my passion. There’s so many little things in life that get overlooked every day. I think it’s important to “stop and smell the roses”, literally. Photography allows me to do that. Behind the lens, I can capture a laughing child, a sunset, or emotion between two people in love. Moments in time that are beautiful, and should be appreciated.

But enough with the heavy mumbo jumbo. I will keep this short and sweet and just dive right in!

Here is my first photo for my 365 Day Photo Project! Yes, I know it’s January 9th, but I’ve never been on time for anything in my life. I should probably add that to my resolution list…

P.S. ~ If you want to accept the challenge (it takes commitment!) and start your own 365 Day Photo Project, feel free to share your photos in the comments, or on FB or Instagram! #LMPHOTO365IMG_6253

January at it’s best!


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